PPSC Assistant Board of Revenue and Land Record Past Paper 2021 1.2

PPSC Assistant Board of Revenue and Land Record BS-17 2021 Paper With Solved Answers. Every Paper Has Four Parts and Every Part Contain 25 Solved MCQS and every MCQs has four options in Quiz Form. All the Papers are in Quiz form.

Assistant Board Of Revenue Previous Paper with solved MCQS.

#1. The areas 5 degree N to 5 degree S of the Equator is called

#2. In 1952 in London many people died due to air pollution caused by:

#3. Who was the first Shaheed in Pakistan movement?

#4. Other than limestone which is soluble in Karst

#5. United Nations election in 2020 is about:

#6. Which community is in majority in Kashmir at the time of Independence?

#7. Who started Comrade from Calcutta?

#8. Which country gets most monsoon rain? MAT South & East Asia

#9. Which article of 1973 constitution is related to equality before law?

#10. When did the tragedy of Jalian wala Bagh take place?

#11. The highest mountain of Hindukush range is:

#12. Radioactivity was discovered by

#13. .....contain two nuclei.

#14. Function of transformer:

#15. Cyprus is a disputed area between Turkey and

#16. Who requested Ahmad Shah Abdali to come India in 18 century?

#17. Which of the following female mosquito is the cause of Dengue fever?

#18. The Accord signed between UAE and Israel is named as:

#19. The average temperature of Pacific Ocean in summer or winter is

#20. Rawal Dam is constructed on which river?

#21. The current leader of Taliban is:

#22. Which author has been selected for the Booker Prize 2020 for his work 'Shuggie Bain'?

#23. Pakistan named nuclear test at 28 May 1998.

#24. "Nagorno-Karabakh" is a disputed region between

#25. The culture of roots in Indus Valley



Assistant Board of Revenue and Land Record 2021 Past Paper 1.1

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