PPSC Assistant Board of Revenue and Land Record Past Paper 2021 1.1

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PPSC Assistant Board of Revenue and Land Record BS-17 2021 Paper With Solved Answers. Every Paper Has Four Parts and Every Part Contain 25 Solved MCQS and every MCQs has four options in Quiz Form. All the Papers are in Quiz form

This Quiz contain Following MCQS

Pakistan Affairs MCQS

International Affairs MCQS

General Knowledge MCQS

Science MCQS

Analytics MCQS

#1. The ruler of Junagarh at the time of Independence was:

#2. Punjab government established a body for women protection in 2017:

#3. Gold, Silver and copper are

#4. The law that prohibit state and local law enforcement from targeting a person on the basis of racism, religious and national origin:

#5. Which country has largest nuclear power plant?

#6. When Nidwa tul Ulema established

#7. Who was the main leader behind Lucknow Pact?

#8. Louvre Museum is in:

#9. The continental shelf was one of the treaties that agreed on the First convention of UN.on Law of Sea

#10. Our earth is divided into how many climate zones:

#11. FAO Stands for

#12. When Sir Syed Ahmad Khan died?

#13. When Saudi Arabia allow women to join army?

#14. The largest lake of Pakistan is:

#15. Bronze is an alloy of

#16. When Doha Agreement was settled between US. and Afghanistan that ensures that Afghanistan soil could not be used against

#17. First viceroy of British India was

#18. National School of Public Policy was established in:

#19. How many judges are serving in Lahore High Court?

#20. Catherine Palace is in

#21. When Pakistan declared Corona emergency

#22. When military operation stopped in East Pakistan in 1971

#23. Kashmir is a part of

#24. The Palestinian uprising against Israel occupation of West Bank to Gaza from 1987 to 1991 is termed as:

#25. Thomas Edison is famous for inventing



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