PMS General Knowledge Paper 2018 MCQS 3.2

PPSC Provincial Management Services General Knowledge Paper 2018

26. The name of Ceylon changed into Sri Lanka in?

(A) 1965

(B) 1972     A

(C) 1976

(D) 1974

27. One yard is equal to how many meter?

(A) 0.989 m

(B) 0.914 m     A

(C) 1.125 m

(D) 1.150 m

28. 1 BTU is equal to how many joules?

(A) 1055     A

(B) 1075

(C) 1050

(D) 1155

29. One Gram of gold is equal to how many Milligrams of gold?

(A) 100 mg

(B) 500 mg

(C) 1000 mg    A

(D) 10,000 mg

30. Adam’s Peak is located in?

(A) Nepal

(B) Iran

(C) Sri Lanka     A

(D) India

31. One Inch is equal to?

(A) 2.5 cm

(B) 2 cm

(C) 2.54 cm     A

(D) 3.00 cm

32. If 5X-15=50 then find the value of X?

(A) 15

(B) 17

(C) 13      A

(D) 11

33. Oldest inhabited city in the world is?

(A) Harappa

(B) Mohenjodarro

(C) Damascus     A

 (D) Taxila

34. The Cultural Center of Gandhara Civilization was situated at present day in:

(A) Afghanistan

(B) Pakistan      A

(C) China

(D) Iraq

35. Oldest monarchy is:

(A) Saudi Arab


(C) Japan     A

(D) Kuwait

36. Father of Homeopathy is?

(A) Samuel Hahnemann     A

(B) Hahnemann

(C) Sigmund

(D) Robert Dover

37. The book ‘Wealth of Nations was written by:

(A) John Marshal

(B) Karl Marx

(C) Max Muller

 (D) None of these     A

38. Communist Manifesto was originally published in which language?

(A) Greek

(B) Russian

(C) French

(D) German     A

39. The famous incident of Boston Tea Party took place in?

(A) 1770

(B) 1765

(C) 1773      A

(D) 1776

40. Ahmad Khan Kharal the famous character of War of independence belongs to?

(A) Gogera

(B) Satiana

(C) Jhamra      A

(D) Cheecha Watni

41. Faiz Ahmad Faiz was imprisoned for his alleged involvement in conspiracy

(A) Agartala

(B) Lahore

(C) Attock

(D) Rawalpindi     A

42. “Pride and Prejudiceā€ was written by:

(A) Jane Austen     A

(B) Thomas Hardy

(C) Agatha Christi

 (D) George Orwell

43. Cholera is caused by?

(A) Cocci

(B) Virus

(C) Bacteria    A

(D) None of these

44. Which of the following disease is not caused by virus?

(A) Small pox

(B) Polio

(C) Typhoid     A

(D) Mumps

45. Which among the following is Starch digesting enzyme?

(A) Protease

(B) Lipase

(C) Amylase     A

(D) None of these

46. Another name for Vitamin C is:

(A) Ascorbic Acid    A

(B) Acetic Acid

(C) Citric Acid

(D) Lysozyme

47. Which is used as moderator in atomic reactor?

(A) Water

(B) Uranium

(C) Platinum

(D) Heavy Water     A

48. Guava is a rich source of:

(A) Vitamin C      A

(B) Vitamin D

(C) Vitamin A

(D) Calcium

49. “Conversations with Myself:19 was written by?

(A) Barak Obama

 (B) Nelson Mandela     A

(C) Tony Blair

(D) None of these

50. Diameter of Jupiter is times of earth’s diameter?

(A) 13

(B) 11     A

(C) 9

(D) 10

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