PMS BS-17 2020 General Knowledge Paper 2020 MCQS Quiz Test 1.3

Provincial Management Service ETC. BS-17 2020 General knowledge Paper MCQS Quiz Test Each paper has 4 Parts and 25 MCQS in each paper.

#1. Due to phosphorus deficiency in plants-------?

#2. ICARDA is located at-------------?

#3. Protein content in barely is higher than-------?

#4. Global gene bank of Potato is located at--------?

#5. Allogamy leads to-------------?

#6. The concept of disruptive was given by-------?

#7. The term mitosis was coined by----------?

#8. Gene pool consist of-------?

#9. Due to phosphorus deficiency in plants-------?

#10. Plants uptake their nutrients from-------?

#11. Shull and East (1908) proposed over dominance hypothesis of hetrosis in-----------?

#12. Conservation of germplasm under natural condion is called-----------?

#13. System of mating were given by-----------?

#14. Germplasm collected within the country is known as-------?

#15. In the long term storage, germplasm can be stored upto-------?

#16. The condition of drying of plant parts due to lack of water is called------------?

#17. Global gene pool rice is maintained at-----------?

#18. Generally field crops are cultivated at altitude------------?

#19. A place or area where maximum variability of crop plants is observed------------?

#20. Germplasm gene banks for different crop plants in world are about--------?



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