PMS BS-17 2020 General Knowledge Paper 2020 MCQS Quiz Test 1.4

Provincial Management Service ETC. BS-17 2020 General knowledge Paper MCQS Quiz Test Each paper has 4 Parts and 25 MCQS in each paper.

#1. Highly decomposed stage of organic matter is called---------?

#2. Seeds of wheat, paddy and maize showed positive correlation germination (%) and viability (%) as determined by----------?

#3. Cultivation of same crop year after year is called----------?

#4. Abnormal seeding growth in rice is more closely related, with----------?

#5. Seed leachate conductivity is significantly higher in seeds having-----------?

#6. Partially decomposed organic matter is termed as-------------?

#7. Seed dormancy of nee seeds can be successfully broken by heat treatment at----------?

#8. Electrolytes leakage is found greater in----------?

#9. Narcotic crops mainly grown in Pakistan is-----------?

#10. Use of linear measurements of plumule growth as a vigour test was first suggested by---------?

#11. Who described the method of estimating seed vigor on the basis of colour intensity of stained seed----------?

#12. The potential means of enhancing productivity is-----------?

#13. Oka (1975) has suggested that me population size suitable for maintenance and seed production of a commercial crop of a self pollinated species should be----------?

#14. The layer of atmosphere which blocks ultraviolet radiation from sun is-------------?

#15. Abnormal seeding growth in rice may be due to-----------?

#16. Who gave the formula for speed of germination---------?

#17. The oxygen concentration in the air is----------?

#18. Progeny of nucleus seed is called------------?

#19. Who the a method of estimating seed vigour on the basis of color intensity of the stained seeds ?

#20. Air contains-------------?



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