Lecturer History Male 2021 Paper MCQS Quiz Test 1.2

PPSC Lecturer History Male 2021 BS-17 Higher Education Department MCQS With Solved Answers.

#1. Who was the Head of Cabinet Mission?

#2. Which of the following PM is former ambassador to USA?

#3. Urdu Hindi Controversy was started in?

#4. Partition of Bengal in 1905 Announced by?

#5. Last king of Iran during 1979 Revolution?

#6. Aligarh Movement was started by?

#7. Geneva Accord Between Pakistan and?

#8. During the Khilafat Movement Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar Advised Muslim to migrate to?

#9. During British administration in which year Shimla declared as Summer Capital of British India?

#10. Basic Democracies and introduced by which president?

#11. War of Independence started in?

#12. Nadir Shah belong to which country:

#13. Wavell Plan Presented in which conference?

#14. In which Movement Claimed land belongs to Allah no one can levied tax and rule?

#15. Which famous leader is known with the title of "Quaid e Millat"?

#16. Earthquake Intesity measured by:

#17. At the time of 1857 war of Independence Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Sadar Amin of?

#18. According to Indus Water Treaty Mangla Dam build on which river?

#19. Objective Resolution was passed in?

#20. Jang-e-Yamama fought in the era of?

#21. How many years Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) spent in Mecca after Prophethood?

#22. Chakrawarti Raja Gopalachari fFormula Presented in:

#23. Who was the Founder of Bahawalpur State?

#24. Which of the following was Contemporary of Eight Indian Ruler?

#25. When Qutub ud din Aibek official announcement Delhi Sultanate?



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