Excise and Taxation Department 2018 Paper MCQS Quiz Test 2.3

This Quiz Includes Solved MCQS from the Past Papers of Excise and Taxation Department held by PPSC, FPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, and BPSC.

#1. Iberian Peninsula Muslim forced conversion to

#2. Who Composed Music of National Anthem?

#3. The sum of the square of three number is 138 which of the sum of their product taken two at a time is?.

#4. Quaid e Azam Said who is the Show Boy of Congress?

#5. You are angry me on this matter?

#6. First recipient of Nishan-e-Haider?

#7. Military commander of Hameed?

#8. To convert Word file into PDF file which of the following Command Use?

#9. Change voice: Movies are not watched by

#10. Second Governer General of Pakistan?

#11. President Muhammad Al Gaddafi belong to which country?

#12. Second Highest peak of the world?

#13. Zahir ud din Babur buried near the Garden?

#14. Khilafat Committee was formed in which city?

#15. Who was the architect of Deccan Policy?

#16. How Many Muslims Participtaed in Ghazwa Badar?

#17. Gandhara Civilization belong to which religion?

#18. Who stood against Akbar Deen-i-llahi?

#19. Which Protein Factory for RNA?

#20. 1200 in lend out at 5% per annum simple interest for 3 years. Find the amount after 3 years?

#21. Who introduced modern history of Philosophy

#22. Who translated Objective Resolution into Urdu?

#23. Queen Khizran was the wife of:

#24. Pakistan is situated in which continent?

#25. Proverb Still Water runs deep.Deep is:



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