Excise and Taxation Department 2018 Paper MCQS Quiz Test 2.1

This Quiz Includes Solved MCQS from the Past Papers of Excise and Taxation Department held by PPSC, FPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, and BPSC.

#1. John Marshal excavated Mohenjodaro in:

#2. in which year Mughal Maulvi Syed Mumtaz Ali and his Second wife Muhammadi Ali begum published Gender equality magazine?

#3. Prior to 19th century Ottoman empire main rival was?

#4. Which of the following tool bar used to access menu bar and tool bar quickly

#5. Who is known as "Conquer of Egypt"?

#6. Diwan-e-Al Associated with?

#7. When did Japan Attack Russian?

#8. Buland Darwaza associated with which mosque?

#9. Agra Fort constructed by:

#10. Fourth world refers to which countries:

#11. When US President Franklin Roosevelt introduced Day Performance of Government?

#12. Mesopotamia word originated from:

#13. How much percentage Housing contributes to Pakistan GDP?

#14. Ibn-e-Sina was born in:

#15. Al Mansoor Abbasid Caliphate was brother of:

#16. Mesopotamia means:

#17. Treaty of Lausanne Signed in?

#18. Which of the following is not caretaker prime minister of Pakistan?

#19. Which US president gave New World Order at the time of USSR disintegration?

#20. Inam Land in Mughal Period assigned to which People?

#21. Liaquat Ali Khan was killed by:

#22. Full grown tree absorb annually how much Carbon dioxide?

#23. The Ice burg dubbed A-76 in which sea in:

#24. 18th Amendment was made part of 1973 constitution:

#25. Hazrat Imam Hussan (R.A) Wife Shehr Bano was daughter of



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