Excise and Taxation Department 2018 Paper MCQS Quiz Test 1.2

This Quiz Includes Solved MCQS from the Past Papers of Excise and Taxation Department held by PPSC, FPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, and BPSC.

#1. Which country is famous for sprinters?

#2. Complete the Idiom/Proverb: East or West, is the best.

#3. Answering a received E-mail is called an E-mail.

#4. PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is an example of:

#5. Which part of the computer is called "brain of the computer":

#6. Those who are liable to pay Zakat are known

#7. Pakistan exploded atom bomb on:

#8. Vienna is a city located on the bank of river:

#9. Subadar Abdul Khaliq was famous for his achievements in:

#10. Synonym of "Contraband” is:

#11. Shandur Pass connects Chitral with

#12. Name the capital of Cuba.

#13. Which Asian country has long been known as the crossroads of Central Asia?

#14. 30% of 100 is equal to 3% of:

#15. Amir Khusro was the disciple of:

#16. That national airlines of Indonesia is Garuda. What does Garuda stand for?

#17. The second highest mountain peak in the world, "Goodwin Austin" is located in

#18. In computer science, Half-byte is also known

#19. Dynamite was invented by

#20. Splitting of light into its constituent colours is known as:

#21. (-3)³ = ?

#22. What is the harm from the depletion of Earth's Ozone Layer?

#23. Which member of Ashra Mubashra was the son of Hzrat Safia Bint-e-Abdul Mutlb (R.A.)?

#24. Egypt is situated in the continent of:

#25. Human Rights Day is observed on:

#26. Which one of the following rivers is not a tributary of Indus River'?

#27. Rene Francois Armand received 1st Nobel Prize in:



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