Basic Agriculture MCQS Quiz Test 4

This Quiz Test Have all Basic MCQS Related to Major Fields of Agriculture, Agronomy, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Forestry & Range Management, Soil Science, Horticultural Sciences, Agricultural Extension, Biotechnology, Seed Science & Technology, Marketing & Agribusiness and Post Harvest Science & Technology.  This Quiz Test Includes Basic Agriculture Solved MCQS from the Past Papers of Agriculture Posts of PPSC, FPSC, SPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC and NTS. Every Quiz has 20 MCQS and Every MCQS have four options. Select the Correct Answer Right Answer Shows Green And Wrong Will Show as Red.

#1. Germplasm collected within the country is known as-------?

#2. In the long term storage, germplasm can be stored upto-------?

#3. Plants uptake their nutrients from-------?

#4. System of mating were given by-----------?

#5. Protein content in barely is higher than-------?

#6. Allogamy leads to-------------?

#7. ICARDA is located at-------------?

#8. Shull and East (1908) proposed over dominance hypothesis of hetrosis in-----------?

#9. Global gene bank of Potato is located at--------?

#10. Gene pool consist of-------?

#11. The condition of drying of plant parts due to lack of water is called------------?

#12. Due to phosphorus deficiency in plants-------?

#13. The concept of disruptive was given by-------?

#14. Global gene pool rice is maintained at-----------?

#15. Generally field crops are cultivated at altitude------------?

#16. Germplasm gene banks for different crop plants in world are about--------?

#17. The term mitosis was coined by----------?

#18. Conservation of germplasm under natural condion is called-----------?

#19. A place or area where maximum variability of crop plants is observed------------?

#20. Due to phosphorus deficiency in plants-------?



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